We’re excited to share information about our 2024 grantmaking!

We’re also thrilled to have many new folks receiving this newsletter for the first time. Welcome! To share a little about ourselves, the Basic Needs Giving Partnership supports the people and places advancing equity and economic well-being for everyone in Northeast Wisconsin. We invest in local and regional solutions that address the root causes of poverty.

Through our grantmaking, the Partnership funds organizations across a 10-county footprint in ways that not only meet current needs in our communities, but also actively work to create change in policies, practices, and systems that hold poverty in place.

This year’s cycles will continue to focus in the areas of early care and education (birth to 5), housing access, mental health, and substance use.

The first grant cycle will launch on Thursday, April 4th and will provide multi-year support for initiatives and collaborations working on systems change. For more information, see below.

The second cycle will open mid-summer and focus on single-year support for organizations providing critical direct services and organizations leading systems change efforts.

Later this fall/winter, we will be piloting a responsive grant opportunity. Stay tuned for more details!

At a glance, 2024 grantmaking will provide:

  • $1 million in new multi-year grants (Spring)
  • $2 million in new single-year grants (Summer)
  • $630,000 in current multi-year grants distributed through the Basic Needs Giving Partnership Fund at area community foundations (throughout the year)
  • Up to $500,000 in responsive grantmaking (Fall/Winter)

The Basic Needs Giving Partnership’s annual grantmaking will total over $4.1 million in 2024, made possible by the many generous contributions raised through the U.S. Venture Open.

We are humbled by the important work that you and your organizations continue to do to address the most pressing needs in our communities. We look forward to working alongside you.

Lynn Coriano
Executive Director

Stephanie Gyldenvand
Director of Grantmaking



Spring Multi-Year Grant Opportunity

Across our 2024 grant cycles, we welcome proposals that are focusing their efforts in the areas of early care and education (birth to 5), housing, mental health, and/or substance use. The pandemic has worsened conditions in our community, resulting in significant impacts to the development of young children and families lacking access to childcare, housing shortages and lack of affordable housing options, and substantial increases in anxiety, depression, and substance use across the region. Funding will support organizations and initiatives that address these challenges.

Grants in this cycle will provide multi-year flexible funding for current and emerging efforts that are working in collaboration to change policies, practices, and systems. We invite proposals that align with this purpose and focus on at least one of the priority areas named above.

Award Amount: Up to $100,000 each year
Grant Duration: 3 years
To Apply: Submit a Letter of Intent by April 26

A strong proposal will include the following components:

  • Has an initiative/project focusing on at least one of the four grant priorities
  • Describes the problem you’re trying to solve and how you will address the root cause of the issue
  • Shares how you’re working in relationship with and alongside community partners to create lasting, equitable change

If you are interested in applying for a multi-year grant, please:

  • Visit our website to read the grant guidelines
  • Submit a 1-2 page Letter of Intent (LOI) through the link on our website. The cycle will open on April 4 and LOIs are due on April 26 by 5:00 p.m.
  • Reach out to Stephanie at [email protected] if you have any questions

Grant Cycle Details



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